Inga Sámi Siida

Inga Sámi Siida is a small family-run business based Hinnøya, the largest island in Norway. More precisely, we are situated 4.3 km from the town of Sortland in Vesterålen.

2019-05-2019:37 Nina Smedseng

The Inga family has been herding reindeer for 150 years; our ancestors moved their herds here from northern Sweden. We are Sámi, an indigenous Arctic people – and in Scandinavia only the Sámi herd reindeer. Today just 7 percent of the Sámi in Norway own reindeer. Laila and Arild Inga are relatives and from the same family.


Magnus Ström
Laila and Arild Inga along with reindeer in the landscape