Dávvi Siida – The Wilderness is the Keystone of Our Culture

Our family has been herding reindeer for countless generations. We are caretakers of the knowledge and proud heritage of our ancestors, and ensure that it is passed on to future generations. You might say that the wilderness is our “bank account”; we are mindful that we must withdraw natural resources responsibly and sustainably. Doing so is intrinsic to the Sámi culture.

Dávvi Siida offers wilderness adventures and cultural experiences based on the Sámi heritage. We – the Utsi family – consist of Ellinor, mother and general manager, Ailu the father, sons Ànde Niilas and Ivvár Ailu, and daughter Sárá Márjá. Every member of our family works as a reindeer herder, and as host to travellers will gladly share our Sámi culture and reindeer-herding traditions. Reindeer herding is our family’s main livelihood. We follow our reindeer herd on its annual migration, from the winter pastures on Tana’s inland plateaus to the summer pastures of the Nordkinnhalvøya peninsula. 

At Dávvi Siida, you can gain many insights into the history and cultural heritage of the indigenous people of the Arctic. Learn about the reindeer and enjoy getting close to these fascinating animals. Savour the beauty and tranquillity of this scenic land, and perhaps buy duodjii – traditional Sámi handicrafts – as mementos of your visit.

The Utsi family welcomes you – bures boahtin!


 Ellinor by the fire inside the lavvo.

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