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Gaup Reinturisme

At Hillagura, which lies between Tana and Varangerbotn, you will find the Gaup family farm. This reindeer-herding family invites you to visit their home and as a guest enter their lives.

Hillagura, Eastern Finnmark
2019-05-2020:07 Nina Smedseng

Your hosts are Anne Margrethe and her mother and father. Enter their house as well as their goahti, the traditional Sámi dwelling that you see in their courtyard. As guests you will experience their pride in their Sámi heritage and values, their reindeer, and the traditional handicrafts, called duodji. All in all, you have an authentic experience and gain many insights into Sámi life and culture – and it will be shared with passion, pride and warmth.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel
Guests along with reindeer in the snow.

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