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Ravdol Reindeer Herding

Jon Mikkel Eira is a reindeer herder based in Karasjok who takes delight in receiving visitors. His many skills, friendly personality and pride in his heritage make him the perfect host and ambassador for Sámi culture.

Karasjok, Finnmark
2020-01-1714:13 Ann-Jorid

It is a memorable pleasure to be in the company of Jon Mikkel, whether he is telling stories, sharing a joik, the traditional song of the Sámi people, or preparing a meal for you over the fire. These are things he really enjoys doing for his guests – and it shows.

You can ask Jon Mikkel for anything, and he will answer to the best of his considerable abilities. You may also have the pleasure of meeting other members of his family, such as his ahkku, his revered grandmother. She has a wealth of stories and ancient knowledge!


Sami man with reindeer.
Two Sami men by snowmobile at sunset.

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