Welcome to the Sámi Safari Camp

Welcome to the Sámi Safari Camp, owned and operated by Anna Kuljok and her husband Ingar Kuljok. We run the Sámi Safari Camp based on Sámi traditions and values. Sustainability is a core part of our philosophy.

2019-05-2019:23 Nina Smedseng

According to our understanding and beliefs, human beings are an integral part of creation, with a personal relationship to the Creator and to all other beings within the created world. The foundation of our relationships has to be mutual respect and balanced exchanges. As with other indigenous people, we Sámi have a rich spiritual language to constantly remind us of these core values. Vital to this language are the stories that illustrate how to live and how we can grow to become good people – as well as rituals for respectful personal interactions with all of creation.

At our Sámi Safari Camp, you will experience how we emphasise balance and mutuality in our relationships with others, including nature and all the beings within it. Our aim is that you, as our guest, will be inspired to renew your own balance, your relationship to the natural world in which we all live.


Magnus Ström