Sámi culture in Vesterålen

A visit with the Inga family will give you insight into their daily life and values, as well as the Sámi heritage of the generations that have lived in Vesterålen before them.


What you will experience

We invite you to meet our reindeer and to enjoy the warmth and tranquillity by the fire in our wood-built lavvo. Come and experience our ancient connection to this land, to the magnificent wilderness and to each other! We invite you to share a traditional Sámi meal and to listen to our storyteller.

We, Laila and Arild, welcome you to our farm, and we look forward to showing you how we live. You will gain insights into our rich heritage, including duodji, the traditional Sámi handicrafts.

This is an experience for all your senses: sight and scent, sound and taste. You can help feed our reindeer, and we’ll tell you more about the life and habits of this magnificent animal that is so integral to the Sámi way of life. We proudly share our knowledge of how it has provided us and our ancestors with food that sustains us, the garments that keep us warm, and even with the materials for our dwellings – the lavvo.

Perhaps the highlight of your visit will be our shared time around the fire. In our lavvo we’ll serve you a delicious reindeer soup, enjoy good conversation and a friendly laugh. 

Welcome to our fire – welcome to our world!


Inga Sámi Sida 

Email: lailainga@hotmail.com

Phone: +47 908 77 558

Web: www.ingasamisiida.no

Facebook: @Inga-Sámi-Siida

Where: Kringelveien 421, Sortland

Duration: 2–3 hours

When: From 20 June to 31 August, feel free to drop by between 10am and 3pm. Also by appointment the rest of the year.

Price:  From NOK 600 per person. Included: reindeer soup lunch, coffee, tea and cake

Participants: 5–45 people

Clothing: Dress according to the weather. Warm footwear recommended.

Level: Easy.

Suitable for: All participants must be able to walk or move 250 metres up a gentle hill.

Laila kissing reindeer
Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Guests greeting reindeer
Rune Nilsen
Laila by the fire in a Sami tent

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