Dine in our in our unique goahti restaurant, Karasjok

Scandic Hotel Karasjok is quite distinct from other hotels. First of all, our restaurant is situated in a beautiful, specially-built wooden structure that echoes the design of the traditional Sámi goahti. Here the fire is the natural centre-point for our great meals of traditional food, as well as innovative dishes based on first-rate local ingredients. After dinner, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep under the glow of the midnight sun or the amazing Northern Lights.


Our hotel

Scandic Hotel Karasjok is in the heart of Karasjok, a Sámi village on Finnmarksvidda. Karasjok is a natural stopover for travellers who are heading up to the Northern Cape, but it is also a fine destination in its own right, with much to offer. Here you can see great art, enjoy a reindeer sleigh-ride, go dog-sledding, take a snowmobile ride, or go cross-country skiing in the countryside. During the summer, you can swim in the river, go fishing or take a boat ride. 

If you plan your stay in Karasjok in advance, you can book some wonderful exotic adventures. The surrounding scenery is very special; in winter our arctic plateau is frozen and snow-covered, and in the summer it is lush and green. During the summer you can enjoy the midnight sun, while during the Arctic night of the winter the light is tinged with blue and pink, the starry sky is vaster than ever, and you just might get to witness the dance of the Northern Lights.

Right next to the hotel and Storgammen Restaurant is Sápmi Park, which offers a fascinating experience for young and old.

Our hotel has 88 rooms, two restaurants, a 24-hour reception, several shops, handicap-accessible facilities, and plenty of parking. During the summer, we offer bicycle rental for those who wish to explore the surrounding countryside.

Our restaurant

Restaurant Storgammen is quite unique, offering traditional Sámi food as well as innovative dishes inspired by the ingredients from the “vidda”. We proudly recommend this dining experience to all our guests! In addition to reindeer meat and renowned specialities such as cloudberries, our Sámi cuisine also features fish from the local rivers and lakes, game from the plateau and nearby mountains, berries and wild mushrooms. The design of our restaurant is inspired by the goahti, a traditional type of Sámi dwelling. Storgammen Restaurant seats 120 guests, and at its heart is an open fire.

Storgammen Restaurant is open every day from 17.00 - 22.00 during the summer period from 11 June - 31 August. Otherwise of the year we are open by reservation.


Restaurant Storgammen

Email:  karasjok@scandichotels.com

Phone:  +47 78 46 88 00

Booking:  www.scandichotels.no

Price: Storgammen offers dishes from NOK 125. Rooms available for from NOK 750.

Kjell H. Sæther
 women sit around the fire inside the lavvo and eat.
Interior of restaurant Storgammen.
Interior hotel room at Scandic Hotel Karasjok.
Suite at Scandic Hotel Karasjok.