A guided walk through a mythic landscape

We sometimes say that all paths in the Sápmi lead to reindeer! There are also paths that lead to heavenly delights, amazing natural attractions about which stories are told. We’ll take you to visit just such a place, a Sámi sacred site that is quite secluded.


Our destination is Finnkirka, a spectacular cliff. Here, two rock formations lean against each other, clinging to the edge of a precipice. They are mentioned in ancient sources. Finnkirka stands at a secluded site and is a sacred site to the Sámi people. It is also listed as a protected site by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. 

As we walk through the landscape we’ll share stories and ancient Sámi myths that give you an understanding of our beliefs. We believe that the natural world is very much alive, and the essence of our religion is to seek harmony with and respects our place in it – which in English is rather imperfectly translated as “animism”. We’ll give you the Sámi names for the places and landscape formations that have special meaning to us, and we’ll show you how to read the landscape with the eyes of an experienced reindeer herder. The land offers us edible plants that we’ll let you taste along the way, but we have also brought along some delicious food to replenish our energy. Together, we’ll explore the raw beauty of the wilderness, experience the crisp clean air and the crystal-clear summer light.

On occasion it is windy, and here up north in the summertime we sometimes get light rain. You should bring an extra sweater, as well as wind- and waterproof clothing. Good hiking boots are a must – and be sure to bring your camera.


Davvi Siida AS

Email: post@davvisiida.no

Phone:  +47 947 99 864

Web:  www.davvisiida.no

Facebook: @davvisiida

Instagram: @davvi_siida

Tripadvisor: Davvi Siida

Where: Finngammvannet lake in Kjøllefjord, on the Nordkinnhalvøya peninsula. You can get here by car, on the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, or by aeroplane.

Start at: Davvi Siida, which is also where we conclude our walk.

Duration: 5 hours

When: From the end of August, daily and by appointment.

Price:  NOK 1500 per person. (Minimum NOK 4500)

Includes: Lunch outdoors, coffee prepared on a campfire, and an experienced guide.

Participants: Max 12 people

Clothing:  Outerwear

Level: Easy to moderate.

Suitable for: Everybody, young and old, who is in good physical shape. We ascend up to 250 m.

Guiding: English and Norwegian

This excursion can be combined with “The Sámi meal” and a stay in our Reindeer Design Lodge.

Host outdoors in nature cuts with knife.
Coffee pot on fire.
Male hands picking cloudberries.

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