Into the mountains with pack reindeer, Finnmarksvidda

Mountains are said to be the beginning and end of any landscape – and so it is of the Finnmarksvidda arctic plateau. It is only when you ascend into the mountains that you see the true magnificence of our northern wilderness. We invite you to join us for a relaxed excursion, and an overnight stay in a traditional lavvo, under the midnight sun.


Up in the mountains the air is clearer, the summer sounds and smells are stronger, and the birdsong is more beautiful. This mountain excursion with reindeer, in our land of the midnight sun, offers impressions you will treasure forever!

We start our excursion from the parking lot at the FeFo, about 10 km east of Lakselv. The pack reindeer that carry our food and equipment will lead the way as they follow familiar trails up to the beautiful Karenvann lake. Here, our lavvo camp enjoys a majestic view inward do the arctic plateau and outward to the distant Porsangerfjord.

In the camp we will prepare our bidus, a traditional Sámi stew of sliced reindeer meat, potatoes, other root vegetables and perhaps onion. We’ll tell you about our life and heritage, about the surrounding wilderness and our relationship to it, and about local history. Karenvann lake is teeming with trout and char, and anglers are welcome to try their luck. Our ancestors caught fish with kasteboks (tin cans!) – and you’re welcome to test this method yourself. 

In the lavvo, you sleep on a bedding of birch twigs, topped with a warm reindeer hides. This is how we traditionally make camp when we are travelling. The fire in the centre of our lavvo will keep us warm, and it provides an intimate atmosphere for sharing.


Midt Finnmark Siida


Phone: +47 917 68 070


Facebook: @midtfinnmarksiida

Where: The FeFo house, 10 km east of Lakselv

Duration: Two days. Usually leaving at noon, and returning at noon the following day.

When: By request, from 15 June to 15 August.

Price: NOK 4250 per person. Included: round-trip transportation by car between Lakselv and Caskil, where we start our mountain excursion. Accommodation in a traditional lavvo, a hot meal, pack reindeer and an experienced guide.

Participants: 2–8 people

Clothing: Boots, wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers, cap and mittens, thermal or woollen underwear, hat with mosquito netting.

Level: Medium. We have a 4 km hike in each direction.

Suitable for: Adults who are in good shape, and families with older children.

Suggestions: Bring a hat with mosquito netting, and insect spray, a sleeping bag, and fishing gear if you wish.

Reindeer eating grass.
Pink sunset.
Bonfire by the water.