Sámi life on the North Cape

At our camp, which is along the route up to the North Cape plateau, you can visit with people from various Sámi families. It’s a great way to get to know our culture and heritage, an intense experience that will give you the opportunity to gain many insights in a short time. And you can even kiss a reindeer!


In our camp you will see the lavvo, the traditional Sámi tents, and our reindeer – and meet interesting people from several Sámi families. We are here to make your visit as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. By the fire of our lavvo, you will get to taste traditional Sámi food and drink, listen to storytellers, and hear the joik, the ancient song of the Sámi.

Of course, you also get to meet some of our reindeer; these are tame and used to people, allowing you to take selfies with your new best friends! We also have a fine selection of duodji, the traditional Sámi handicrafts. Feel free to just admire them, or treat a loved one and perhaps yourself to a handmade memento of your visit. 

You can try your hand at throwing the lasso onto reindeer antlers. For Sámi reindeer herders the lasso has always been important, but requires considerable skill and practice. We’ll show you the secret tricks so you can impress both yourself and others.


Sara Visit Siida

Email: teamsaravisitsiida@gmail.com

Phone: +47 951 50 958

Web: www.saravisitsiida.com

Facebook: Sara Visit Siida

Duration:  1–2 hours

When: Summer

Price:  Adults NOK 950

Included: A taste of Sámi food. (Plenty of parking and toilets are right near our camp.)

Options: Instruction in Sámi cooking, and in how to make traditional handicrafts, duodji.

Participants: Up to 120 people

Clothing: Wind- and waterproof clothing, whatever the weather requires.

Level: Easy

Sara Sami Siida
Dog along with reindeer inside fence.
Wikimedia commons
North Cape monument in sunset.

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