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Sámi art – an immersive experience

Sámi art is characterised by diversity of expression and techniques. Some artists use traditional materials such as wood, reindeer pelts and antlers to make objects. Others work with photography or film and seek more contemporary forms of expression. You can experience both at our art centre.

2020-06-2612:49 Janne Auby

Your art experience

To experience Sámi art up close, and through it to gain a deeper understanding of the Sámi culture and worldview, we invite you to visit the Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art (Sámi dáiddaguovddáš, SDG). The centre, which has the largest art gallery in Finnmark County, is situated in idyllic surroundings in the heart of Karasjok.

We offer guided tours that give you insights into the exhibition themes, as well as the artists’ techniques and perspectives, while encouraging you also to interpret their works in your own way. The centre showcases contemporary Sámi art – art that addresses our own time and modern concerns. You will see works that are coloured by today’s society, politics and culture at large, but which are rooted in the Sámi heritage and convey its rich history.  

Summer 2020

This season we have an exhibition of duodji, the traditional Sámi handicrafts. There is also an art-film programme (18 minutes), as well as an exhibition of Elisabeth Meyer’s historical photos of Karasjok.



Sámi dáiddaguovddáš / Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art 

Email: post@samidaiddaguovvdas.no

Phone: +47 902 44 062

Web: www.samidaiddaguovddas.no

Facebook: SamiCenterForContemporaryArt

Guided tours offered daily

Where: In the foyer of the art centre, Sámi dáiddaguovddáš (SDG), situated at Suomageaidnu 14 in Karasjok

Duration: 1 hour

  • An introduction to the art centre
  • A guided tour of the exhibition, the artworks and artists. Opportunity to wander freely at your own pace. Art-films are shown in the cinema
  • According to your preference, coffee, tea, cold refreshments, snacks or ice cream are served. (Order and pay for what you prefer)
    • Opportunity to make a purchase from the art centre’s shop

    When: One hour, 2–3 pm

    Price: NOK 75 per person, payment by credit card.

    Participants: Max. 10 people (to minimise Coronavirus risk)

    Level: Easy, undemanding

    Suitable for: Adults who are interested in art and culture.

    Book a place on a guided tour: post@samidaiddaguovddas.no

    Tor Egil Rasmussen
    Ladies at gallery looking at sculpture.
    Nina Smedseng
    Sami jewelry.
    Nina Smedseng
    Sami jewelry.