Sápmi Park, Scandic Karasjok

Do you remember staring in awe at the starry sky? How it feels to peer into the vastness, wondering what mysteries the constellations hide? Are you tempted to explore the myths of the Sámi and our mysticism?


Have you heard the joik and experienced the magical power of our sacred song? Are you curious about Sámi culture? Then watch our Magical Theatre production, Stálubákti, about the beliefs and worldviews of the indigenous Sámi people. And the Sápmi Park offers so much more!

The experience

Our fascinating park invites visitors to engage and gain insight into Sámi culture and history. In the pine forest you can visit Sámi settlements, a winter camp as well as a summer camp. In each you will find various types of lavvo(tents) and goahti (earthen huts), small log cabins and njallas, a food storage hut mounted on a sawed-off tree trunk.

In the summer, the exhibition is quite lively. Reindeer graze on the gentle hills. If you wish, you can help feed them and learn how to throw a lasso. Sedge is hung to dry so it can be used inside boots. Inside the lavvo, you can watch craftsmen making duodji, the beautiful Sámi handicrafts. See how the work of the silversmith is inspired by forms found in nature. You can also request a demonstration of a master glass-blower at work, and perhaps even try your own hand at glass-blowing.

Our shop offers decorative as well as practical items, perfect gifts for yourself and friends. Here are handmade knives, traditional silver jewellery, winter-wear, and felted wool, shawls and other traditional Sámi garments. We also have a café and restaurant. 

Welcome to our Sápmi Park, which has something for everyone – young and old.


Scandic Hotel Karasjok 

Email: karasjok@scandichotels.com

Phone: +47 78 46 88 00

Web: www.scandichotels.no

Facebook: @sapmipark

Where: Karasjok

When:  For opening hours, please see our website.

Price: Adults NOK 195, children NOK 140. Included: entrance to our Sápmi Park and the Magic Theatre, lasso throwing, joik and guided toor. Price for glass-blowing demonstration on request.

Level: Easy, undemanding

Suitable for: Everyone!

Johan Wildhagen - Visitnorway.com
Woman in Sami costume with guests
Terje Rakke
Guests around the baal in lavvo
Detail from Sápmi Park.
Illustration of area at Sapmi Park