A fishing trip by riverboat, across the arctic plateau, Finnmarksvidda

The great arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda is dotted with lakes and criss-crossed by mighty rivers. Navigation from northwest to southeast requires considerable skill, as well as local knowledge of the rivers. On this two-day trip, we’ll travel these waterways in the traditional Sámi way: by riverboat and on foot – equipped with fishing gear.


We will pick you up by car in the town of Alta and take the 45-minute drive to Joatkavann lake. Here we’ll board our riverboats and set a course for Joatka Fjellstue lodge, where our renowned expert guide, Molleš-Piera, is waiting. He grew up on the arctic plateau that our people call simply the “Vidda”, and he knows every rock and sandbank that we need to avoid on our river journey. But before we arrive at the lodge, you will have a chance to test your luck fishing the lake. If you didn’t bring your own fishing gear, we’ll gladly lend you a good pole.

At Joatka lodge we’ll get better acquainted with our guide and each other over a hearty lunch. Well-sated and ready to move on, we’ll load our packs onto an ATV, while we ourselves enjoy the two-hour hike through the beautiful open wilderness to the Svanelva river. Here, another riverboat is waiting, and soon we will be crossing Iešjávri, the largest lake in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county.

On the lake we’ll pull fishing nets and have the opportunity to try fly-fishing or spinner. The lake is known for its large char, trout, grayling and pike. Naturally our catch prepared over the campfire is on the menu for dinner, or for lunch the following day. 

Our journey continues, by riverboat and on foot, until we reach Nedre (lower) Mollisjok lodge. Here, a tasty three-course dinner has been prepared for us, and the comfortable beds and hot sauna of Molleš-Piera’s own lodge await.

The next day we return by the same route, stopping to fish. We’ll also take a breather at Øvre (upper) Mollisjok lodge, recharging with fresh waffles and coffee, as well as having a satisfying meal and rest at our wilderness camp by the shore of Iešjavre lake.


Nedre Mollisjok Fjellstue

Email: piera@mollisjok.com

Phone: +47 911 77 975

Web: www.mollisjok.com

Where: In Alta at 9 am. We return to Alta at 7 pm the next day.

Duration: Two days. Your choice of accommodation in a single, double or three-person room.

When: July–September

Price: NOK 4900 per person for two days, one overnight stay. Included: transportation by car and riverboat, all meals, and a Sámi wilderness guide.

Participants: 3–6 people

Clothing: Boots, wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers, cap and mittens, thermal or woollen underwear, and backpack.

Level: Medium. Must be able to hike two hours through level terrain.

Suitable for: Adults, and families with older children who are fond of the great outdoors.

Per Edvard Johnsen
Boat towards horizon and sun on blue sky.
Per Edvard Johnsen
Fishermen on their way out in the boat in hazy landscape.
Trout lying on a stone.