A traditional Sámi meal, Nordkynhalvøya

Have you ever tasted reindeer? If you have ever smelled reindeer meat cooking in a pot above the fire, you know that it is irresistible. Ultimately, it is through our senses that we get to know the places we visit and the cultures we encounter.


We the Utsi are a reindeer-herding family, and we hereby invite you to dine with us. Helping to prepare a traditional Sámi dinner, and then enjoying it together, is one of the best ways to gain insights into our cultural heritage. The taste of reindeer is the taste of nature and the taste of our culture. Welcome to our way of life!

Your dining experience

During the summer, our family lives on the coast. That’s where our reindeer herd has its summer pasture. When you arrive at our camp, we meet you with a traditional Sámi greeting that comes from the heart. We invite you to enter our lavvo, our dwelling, which has an ancient history. Naturally we will explain the construction and tradition of the lavvo, its features, furnishings, decorations and distinct zones.

As we together begin to prepare the meal, we’ll tell you about our respect for each of the ingredients, how and where they are locally sourced, and the rules that we follow when using them. There is a lot of work behind a Sámi meal. Firewood has to be sawn and split, meat skewers to be cut. 

First and foremost we want you to know that, for us, a meal prepared and eaten fireside is far more than a meal. It is the very essence of our culture. And gratitude to the magnificent wilderness that surrounds us for our ingredients – and especially the reindeer – is fundamental. We feel a duty to use the whole animal, not just the meat, but also its offal, hide, antlers and bones. You will witness how intertwined our lifestyle and culinary traditions are here in the Arctic. 

Every moment we’re cooking, every moment spent on every task, and every moment when we dine together, is for us a source of joy. We look forward to answering all your questions, and to helping you learn about our Sámi heritage.

Davvi Siida AS

Email: post@davvisiida.no

Phone: +47 947 99 864

Web: www.davvisiida.no

Facebook: davvisiida

Instagram: @davvi_siida

Tripadvisor: Davvi Siida

Where: Finngammvannet lake in Kjøllefjord, on the Nordkinnhalvøya peninsula. You can get here by car, the Hurtigruten coastal steamer, or by aeroplane.

Duration: 3 hours

When: By request, available 16 June – 31 August, 8–11 pm.

Price: NOK 990 for our three-course dinner. Beverages not included.

Participants: Min. 4 people

Clothing: Outerwear

Level: Easy, not strenuous at all.

Suitable for: Everybody

Reindeer in sunset.
Christian Roth Børresen
People around a campfire inside the lavvo.
Meat grilled over an open fire.

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