Chasing the Northern Lights in Karasjok

“Dancing with the Stars” – that’s what we could have called the spectacular Northern Lights if that name hadn’t already been taken. You would be hard pressed to find a more magnificent nocturnal display than these long coloured bands and swirls that suddenly appear against the starry sky.


The Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s great marvels, and which we believe everyone should experience at least once in their lives. When you do, you will find yourself moved to awed silence and rejoicing! We invite you to join us on a journey into the winter darkness. Together we’ll go hunting for the Northern Lights.

The experience

Starting from Karasjok Camping, we ride snowmobiles down the frozen river. Soon we head into the mountains, and the lights of the town centre recede far behind us. Suddenly the sky is filled with far more stars – the perfect backdrop for a heavenly performance. As we savour the silence, we peer northward in hopeful expectation.

None of us controls the mysterious natural forces. Should the Northern Lights not appear, we’ll immerse ourselves in the gentle darkness of the mountains, seated on warm reindeer skins around the fire. While enjoying a hot beverage, you can listen to the ancient Sámi myths about the Northern Lights. After an hour or so we return to Karasjok Camping, where we’ll a raise a toast to our hunt and in honour of the Aurora.

Be sure to bring your driver’s license! In the company of our guides, you are entitled to operate a snowmobile, if already licensed to drive a car, truck, tractor or motorcycle.

Appearing only when it’s dark and the weather is clear, the dance of the Northern Lights is an unforgettable display.


Karasjok Camping AS


Phone: +47 970 72 225


Facebook: @karasjokcamping

Where: Avjuvargeaidnu, Karasjok

Duration: 3 hours, including our 30-minute preparations.

When: By agreement between 6 and 11 pm. Available daily during the winter, depending on the weather and Northern Lights forecasts.

Price Adults NOK 1295 (whether driver or passenger). Children under 16 NOK 795.

We provide: Snowmobile suit, snowmobile boots, a balaclava, helmet, thick mittens and woollen socks if you need them. Guiding in English and Norwegian.

Participants: Max 13 people

Clothing: We recommend woollen or thermal underwear, a layer of fleece or similar, thin woollen socks, a scarf, and a pair of gloves or mittens.

Suitable for: Adults, and families with children over 10 years.

Ørjan Bertelsen
Northern lights across the sky behind a small hut
Grilling meat on bonfire
Ørjan Bertelsen