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Adventures in Sápmi

Sápmi is the Sámi name for Arctic areas where these indigenous people live. This website is an invitation to you, the reader, to learn more about the Sámi and their culture.

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Naturally, the best way to learn about Sámi culture is to experience it yourself. Visiting the Sámi in the respectful way they themselves suggest will provide you with unique insights into the local communities and an exciting indigenous culture. Being open-minded and having a willingness to share are the two key requirements for gaining an insider’s experience into the Sámi way of life.

Be prepared for new friendships and a life-changing adventure!



On our website, 20 Sámi-operated businesses offer you a broad range of activities and adventures. Represented are operators from each of the Sámi regions – and Sámi who traditionally fish the rivers and coast, as well as those who have a long heritage as reindeer herders. 

Some activities are directly linked to the traditional way of life, while others reflect modern Sámi society. On our activities menu are genuine cultural experiences, as well as intense outdoor adventures. Our aim is to provide something for everybody. And please check back with us regularly, as our menu expands.


Below are explanations of some of the Sámi terms used on this site

This is the Sámi name for the region that has been the homeland of this indigenous people since time immemorial.

A siida is a group of one or more families, often related, who jointly herd their huge flock of reindeer. The entire siida– the people and their dwellings – follows the herd on the reindeer’s annual migrations between different pasture areas, for instance between the arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda and the coast.

In the management of today’s reindeer husbandry, a siida is also synonymous with a grazing district. For each reindeer grazing district there are a number of siida shares, each owned by a person or family.

Christian R. Christensen
Duodjii – the renowned Sámi handicrafts
Duodjii – the renowned Sámi handicrafts
Magnus Strøm
Enjoying the outdoors
Man enjoying outdoor life by bonfire
Ørjan Bertelsen
Snowmobile safari
Snowmobile safari
Ørjan Bertelsen
Chef and guest preparing traditional Sámi dishes
Chef and guest preparing traditional Sámi dishes