Welcome to a Sámi feast in Røros!

We the Magga Granefjell family of Røros, take great pleasure in highlighting our Sámi cultural heritage by inviting you to a feast. We call it “From our plateau to your plate”. Your culinary adventure will naturally include some great storytelling. We’ll take you on a journey through our ancient history and include some fascinating local and personal stories about our lives as reindeer herders, past and present. Your meal – and our stories – will give you a true taste of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. Its bounty has nurtured our family since time immemorial.


Your experience

Do you appreciate good food and good stories? Are you interested in learning about the culture and history of the Southern Sámi? Then this is the feast for you!

Our shared evening will open up many insights into how we follow our reindeer as they move across the plateau around Røros, grazing where they choose, how we choose individual reindeer for harvest, each careful stage from butchering to prime meat, and of course how we prepare it to make the dish that we now serve you.

Each task is based on knowledge that we have learned from our elders. Now we are passing our tradition to a new generation of our family. We take pride in our Sámi culture, and we are grateful that we can live in a way that expresses our deep respect for the land on which we live and for the natural world that surrounds us.

We will gather in our spacious wooden goahti to share our stories and together enjoy the good meal the reindeer have provided us. Reindeer is far more than our food; it is the essence of our culture and way of life. It is the purest meat you will find, and we cook it as we have for countless generations – the reindeer has the place of honour this evening. The flavours and smells are specific to the local land where it grazes.

From our bountiful buffet, you choose what you wish to taste. Here are reindeer hearts, tongue, suovas (smoked meat), skav (sautéed thinly-sliced meat), shank, gurpi (cured sausage of organs and scraps), and perhaps also reindeer steak. Homemade gahkku (a traditional flat Sámi bread) and salad are also on the menu – and we offer both traditional and modern beverages.



E-post: post@gallas.no

Telefon:  +47 41 23 72 80

Web: www.gallas.no 

Facebook: @gallas.no

Duration: 3 hours

When: By agreement

Price: NOK 1 500,- per person. Alcoholic beverages not included.

Participants: Min. 10 people

Marie Louise Somby
Sámi feast.
Røros with church in snow.
Close-up of Sami clothing.

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