A brief and intense Sámi winter adventure

We invite you to enjoy an intense two-hour sampling of Sámi culture in our Sápmi Park, near Scandic Hotel, in the heart of the charming village of Karasjok.


Your experience

We have prepared a special programme for you at our fascinating park, which invites visitors to engage and gain insight into Sámi culture and history. Your visit does, of course, include a visit to our Magic Theatre, with Sámi films, a photo exhibition and storytelling. We also invite you to a reindeer sleigh ride with one of our local Sámi families. We’ll stop and prepare coffee over the campfire in our traditional way. While relaxing around the campfire you will hear more about the Sámi heritage and the life of the reindeer herders on the arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda. And you will receive first-hand answers to any questions you may have.

This is also the perfect opportunity to capture great holiday photos. Take shots of yourself and your gleeful travelling companions, the magnificent reindeer that are pulling your sleigh, the snow-covered expanse, log-built cabins and icicles. If the sky is clear, you can try to include the starry sky – and if we’re really lucky, also the dance of the Northern Lights! People travel from all over the world for a chance to see this amazing spectacle.

One way or another, we promise you intense and rewarding hours.


Sápmi Park Karasjok

E-post: sapmi.karasjok@scandichotels.com 

Telefon: +47 78 46 88 00

Web: www.visitsapmi.no 

Facebook: @sapmipark

Where: Karasjok

When: For opening hours, please see our website.

Price: NOK 1699. Included: entrance to our Sápmi Park and the Magic Theatre, coffee brewed above the fire, and a reindeer sleigh-rid with guide.

Level: Easy, undemanding

Suitable for:  Everyone who would like a concentrated experience of the Sámi cultural heritage!

Reindeer against white snow with red harness.
Reindeer with sled in the evening snowy road.
Kettle boiling over the fire in Sami lavvo in Karasjok.