Visit a family of reindeer herders in Porsanger

We are Siv and Per, and we are living our dream. Sámi culture offers a different perspective from that of noisy and stressful city life. We invite you into our world so you can gain insights into the Sámi perspective.


Learn about reindeer husbandry. Get to know us and the place we live. We’ll show you the lifestyle of the indigenous people of the Arctic, and a beautiful landscape that provides whatever we need as well as fresh air and peace of mind. And we invite you to partake in the activities and social events that give us joy and strength.

The experience

We invite you to visit our siida (camp), where our cosy lavvo has space for many around the fire. Nearby are some of our reindeer, and they’re looking forward to you giving them a bite to eat. You will hear the Sámi language spoken and have the opportunity to learn some words and phrases. Together we also explore the joik, the sacred song of the Sámi! And of course, good food is also on the menu. We prepare a delicious traditional lunch based on local ingredients, and serve it by the fire.

Storytelling is an important part of our culture, and we always find time for sharing good stories. Hear the colourful history of the Sámi people in Porsanger, and about the lifestyle of today’s reindeer herders. Imbued in everything you hear, see and experience while visiting us is the Sámi perspective – our appreciation of the landscape and our respect for the natural forces that surround us. Outside the lavvo you can try your hand at lasso throwing or enjoy a short snowmobile ride.

We aim to provide you with a great cultural experience, and memories that will continue to nourish you long after you have returned home. For that is the nature of truly worthwhile memories.

In our language: bures boahtin – which means welcome!


Sara Visit Siida


Phone: +47 951 50 958


Facebook: Sara Visit Siida

Where: Børselv eller Leirpollen, Porsanger

Duration3–4 hours

When: By agreement, booking required. Available during the winter, Oct/Nov – mid April.

Price: Adults NOK 2500, children 5–16 year NOK 750. Included: a hot meal and a snowmobile ride.

Participants: 2–16 people

Clothing: Warm winter clothing. Dress for the weather! There will be some smoke from the campfire.

Level: Easy, not strenuous at all.

Suitable for: Families and small groups.

Girl kissing reindeer
Hosts in winter clothing
Dog with reindeer