Taste the good life at our goahti in Tana

For people in this modern age, it is especially important to experience this. That is why we want to share with you the timeless lifestyle of the goahti, the traditional Sámi dwelling. You may be amazed at how pleasant and enriching a taste of our lifestyle can be!


What you will experience

During your visit, the Gaup family at Hillágurra will give you a glimpse of their reindeer herding lifestyle, which has provided a livelihood for countless generations of their kin. You will hear the stories about how the Sámi reindeer herders have always lived in harmony with nature.

When you arrive, we welcome you into our duodji workshop, where we make our traditional Sámi handicrafts. Here we’ll serve you coffee and sandwiches, while digging out warm winter clothes for you. We will also show you traditional Sámi clothing, explain how it is made and how eminently suitable to our environment it is. As soon as you have changed, we walk together to our goahti. On the way, you can meet and help feed the reindeer calves. 

By the fire in our goahti, it’s always nice and warm – and you’re invited to a meal of steaming reindeer meat. We’ll also serve you cake and coffee prepared over the fire, and treat you to more stories.

This experience can be combined with visits to Sámi museums, and a guided tour by bus or car. (Museum visits and tours are booked as additional products.)


Bealljegoahti – Sami Experiences / Gaup Reinturisme

Email: gede85@hotmail.com

Phone:  +47 915 68 110

Where: Deanugeaidnu 2075, Hillágurra in Tana

Duration: 3 hours

Season: By request during the winter, 20 Dec – 1 April.

Price: NOK 1200 per person. Included: feeding the reindeer, dinner, coffee and cake

Participants: 2–14 people

Clothing:  Warm winter clothing and footwear. Wool underwear recommended.

Level:  Easy

Suitable for: Suitable for everyone. Please note that wheelchair users and others with disabilities must have a personal assistant.

Kirkenes Snow hotel
Sami hosts in front of the goahti.
Sami woman with face up to the head of reindeer.
Kirkenes Snow hotel
Sami tent lit in winter night.

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