A reindeer ride in our grandmother’s footsteps

For three generations, our family has been inviting travellers to reindeer sleigh rides on the arctic plateau, the “vidda”. We are proud of our heritage and culture, of our reindeer-herding traditions, and of the beautiful landscape in which we live. That is why we take such delight in sharing it with people from all over the world. Our “vidda” is close to our heart – and soon, we believe you too will be embracing it.


Many years ago our ahkku (grandmother), Kirsten Berit Gaup, began offering travellers reindeer sleigh adventures and the opportunity to visit our reindeer herd. KB-Siida is named in her honour. Siida is the Sámi word for a reindeer grazing district; it also denotes the someone who has the right to own a reindeer herd. Reindeer herding is an ancient way of life imbued with much tradition. We invite you so that you may gain some insights into our Sámi heritage. 

Our sleigh ride echoes how we travel while following the annual migrations of our reindeer. One after the other, we follow our guide in the reindeer sleighs. From the pine forest at Ravdujohka, we will travel to Nagirjavri, a lake that teems with fish. Here you can try your hand at ice fishing – and there is a good chance we’ll soon be enjoying freshly-caught trout or char prepared over the campfire. The reindeer skins that kept us warm in our sleigh will keep us cosy by fire, while we eat our lunch, brew coffee, and share stories. We will tell you about our heritage and way of life, and how our culture has adapted to many changes these last few generations.

When it’s time to leave, we’ll pack our sleds and let our faithful draft reindeer return us to Karasjok.


Email: Anna Ravna Gaup: anna.ravna.gaup@gmail.com or Anne Louise Næss Gaup: kbsiida@gmail.com

Phone: Anna Ravna Gaup: + 47 41 85 50 18 or Anne Louise Næss Gaup: +47 93 29 90 83

Facebook: @KbSiida

Duration: 4 hours (shortened to 3 hours in really poor weather)

Price: NOK  2100 per person. Please ask us for a group or family price for an adventure tailored to you.

Clothing: Be prepared for the Finnmark winter! We recommend woollen or thermal underwear, a warm middle layer, a down jacket, and a wind-proof top layer. Also vital are woollen socks and warm winter boots, thick mittens, a warm scarf and cap.

Liv Engholm
Man with Reindeer.
Jan Helmer Olsen
Woman in Sami clothing sitting by reindeer.