Visiting a reindeer herd in Kautokeino

In Kautokeino, ancient traditions are maintained – this municipality has more reindeer-herding activity than any other municipality in Norway. I am Odd Arne Hætta, and I look forward to taking you on a snowmobile ride to visit my reindeer herd. During a few intense hours, you will get a taste of my everyday life as a Sámi reindeer herder.


Be sure to bring your camera. You will have excellent opportunities to take beautiful close-ups shots of reindeer in their natural element – as part of their herd grazing on the arctic plateau. You also have a great opportunity to glimpse traditional Sámi life and gain insights into our reindeer-herding heritage.

We will stop for a break at one of my lavvo, the traditional tent the Sámi have used since time immemorial. Here we’ll warm ourselves by the fire, drink coffee and enjoy a hearty portion of biđus, a traditional Sámi reindeer stew served at feasts.


Hættas Opplevelser


Phone: +47 905 99 645


Facebook: @Hættasopplevelser

Where: From Thon Hotel Kautokeino. Here we’ll lend you warm outerwear (included).

Duration: 3–5 hours

When:  January–April

Price: NOK 3590 per person, for groups of 6–10 people, with two persons per snowmobile. For groups of 10–30 people, the price is NOK 2950 per person. To ride comfortably in a sled pulled by snowmobile: NOK 2250 per person.

Participants: 6–30 people

Clothing: Warm outerwear, woollen or thermal underwear, wool socks, mittens, scarf and cap, and winter boots.

Guiding: English, Norwegian and Sámi

Practical info: We’ll ride two persons per snowmobile (or ATV, should snow conditions demand it). Instruction and safety equipment are included.

Lavvo with bonfire.
Thomas Rasmus Skaug
Herd of reindeer in the snow.