Antlers and soul – the wonders of indigenous art, Karasjok

Why do some artists have the reindeer as their only theme? Is Sámi art angry? Why isn’t Sámi art better known in national and international media? We’ll gladly discuss these and other questions, while sharing a taste of traditional snacks and enjoying a glass of wine together.


First and foremost, we invite you to view exciting artworks that challenge and delight – artworks that grab you and unfold new stories, and which will resonate in you long after you have left.

Your art experience

To experience Sámi art up close, and through it to gain a deeper understanding of the Sámi culture and worldview, we invite you to visit the Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art (Sámi dáiddaguovddáš, SDG). The centre is situated in the heart of Karasjok. Here you are surrounded by the works of artists from diverse areas of the Sápmi region, and you can also view art by other indigenous peoples from throughout the world.

We offer guided tours that give you insights into the artists’ perspectives, while encouraging you also to interpret their works in your own way. The centre showcases contemporary Sámi art – art that addresses our own time and modern concerns. You will see works that are coloured by today’s society, politics and culture at large, but which are rooted in the Sámi heritage and convey its rich history.

Our wish is that you, with open mind and heart, will engage with these artists’ stories, sense their pride and struggles, the frustration at social injustice and the pain of lost landscapes, but perhaps first and foremost, their deep longing and love for the natural world that surrounds us. When you return home, we hope that the Sámi people and their rich heritage have found a place in your heart. 



Sámi dáiddaguovddáš / Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art 


Phone: +47 902 44 062


Facebook: SamiCenterForContemporaryArt

Where: In the foyer of the art centre, Sámi dáiddaguovddáš, situated at  Suomageaidnu 14 in Karasjok

Duration: 2.5 hours, 7–9:30 pm.

  • An introduction to the art centre
  • A guided tour of the exhibition, the artworks and artists. Opportunity to wander freely at your own pace. Art-films are shown in the cinema.
  • Wine and hors d’oeuvres are served in the foyer.

When: By request, Mon–Fri, 7–9:30 pm

Price: nok 450 per person

Participants: Max. 15 people

Level: Easy, undemanding

Suitable for: Adults who are interested in art and culture.

Tor Egil Rasmussen
Ladies at gallery looking at sculpture.
Nina Smedseng
Sami jewelry.
Nina Smedseng
Sami jewelry.