A night in our lavvo on the arctic plateau, Karasjok

It’s almost as though imagining a dream: you and your friends and family, riding a reindeer sleigh across the vast snow-covered expanse! You’re warm and cosy where you sit snugly wrapped in reindeer hides, as your sleigh follows the Sámi guide in his traditional heavy reindeer-skin coat. You speed across a fairytale landscape and there, far ahead under the rose-tinged sky, awaits the lavvo and a warm fire. In that lavvo, which is the traditional tent of the Sámi people, you will find shelter for the night. Join us for this winter adventure and make your dream come true!


Our journey starts in the pine forest near Karasjok. Here, our strong and well-trained draft reindeer stand ready, harnessed to their wooden sleighs. Your guide will see to it that you sit snugly and comfortably, warmly sandwiched by reindeer skins and pillows. Soon we’ll head out on the hour-long journey northwest to Nagirjavri (the sleepy lake). Here the landscape opens up; we are now entering the vast arctic plateau called Finnmarksvidda. The “vidda” is perhaps at its most magnificent during the winter, when it is white with snow and frozen.

At our campsite you can stretch your legs, and in our lavvo we’ll have a steaming meal of reindeer meat waiting. Afterwards you can help with the traditional task of erecting the lavvo where you will be sleeping, and build your campfire. Afterwards we’ll wander out onto the ice so you can try your luck ice fishing. Nagirjavri is known for its trout, char and perch.

As evening approaches, we’ll leave you alone so you can immerse yourself in the deep silence that only the wilderness can provide. Your lavvo is furnished with the traditional Sámi bed: reindeer hides placed over a layer of birch twigs. This provides good insulation, ensuring that you will stay warm in your sleeping bag. If you feel the need, we’ll check your campfire throughout the night – but perhaps you prefer to just be left alone, mastering this yourself.

When the day dawns, we’ll be there to serve breakfast. Then we’ll break camp, pack everything up and return to “civilization”.

Would you like to extend your stay beyond one night? If so, you have the option of spending a whole day ice fishing and exploring the “vidda”, concluding your adventure with a stay at Ravnastua, a mountain lodge situated by the treeline, approx. 30 km from Karasjok. From here, transportation back to the village is by snowmobile.



Email: Anna Ravna Gaup: anna.ravna.gaup@gmail.com or Anne Louise Næss Gaup: kbsiida@gmail.com

Phone: Anna Ravna Gaup: +47 41 85 50 18 or Anne Louise Næss Gaup: +47 93 29 90 83

Facebook: @KbSiida

Duration: Overnight excursion, can be tailored to several nights.

Price: NOK 2550 per person per day

Clothing: Winter temperatures near Karasjok need to be taken seriously. Wear multiple layers of warm winter clothing. We recommend woollen or thermal underwear, a warm middle layer, lined trousers, a down jacket, and a wind-proof jacket and trousers over this. Please bear in mind that your feet are likely to feel the cold first. Warm winter boots (perhaps a size or two larger than you usually wear) and thick woollen socks are vital, as are thick mittens, and a warm scarf and cap.
If you opt for more than one night, we’ll email you a list of what to bring, such as an extra set of clothes.

Woman in Sami clothing with reindeer.
Woman in Sami clothing with reindeer and sledge from behind.