Meet the matriarch of a reindeer-herding family, Karasjok

I am Heidi, the siida eamit – mother to the reindeer as well as my own children. We live a good life. Are you curious about the daily life of the Sámi, and maybe especially about the role and work of women? Please join me, come meet my family and our reindeer.


We keep mostly our draft reindeer here, in our camp in the Karasjok forest, at the edge of the vast arctic plateau called Finnmarksvidda. The exact number of reindeer and people varies – just as all things vary with the eight seasons for our reindeer-herding family. Did you know that we Sámi view the year as a cycle of eight seasons?

It is quiet here in our beautiful forest. In the winter, the tree branches usually hold a heavy burden of snow. Around our campfire we sit on warm reindeer hides, enjoying conversation and sharing stories that will give you much insight into our everyday life and livelihood. You can ask anything you want; no respectful question is a dumb question.

In Sámi culture, time does not pass – time comes to meet us. Here you will have time to whittle your own skewer so that you can roast delicious smoked reindeer meat over the fire. And we’ll pour you coffee prepared over the fire, just as we Sámi always do in the winter.

If the weather is clear, we can enjoy the starry sky and perhaps even see the Northern Lights magically dancing above us. If the temperature chills, perhaps we’ll show you how to throw the lasso or engage in other physical activity that warms us up.


Midt-Finnmark Siida

(You can also book this adventure through Scandic Hotel Karasjok)


Phone: +47 917 68 070


Facebook: @midtfinnmarksiida

Where: We agree where to meet when you book. You must arrange taxi or other transportation from your hotel.

Duration: 1–2 hours. From the road, our camp is a five-minute walk on a well-marked trail through uneven terrain. 

Pris: NOK 550 per person.

Participants: 4–8 people

Clothing: Warm winter clothing: winter boots, warm winter jacket, scarf, cap and mittens – especially if you want to try your hand at lasso throwing!

Level: Easy, not strenuous at all.

Suitable for: Everyone!

Woman and girl dressed in Sami clothing sitting in the snow.
Woman and girl dressed in Sami clothing sitting around a campfire with guests in the snow.
Woman dressed in Sami clothing walking on snowy road with reindeer.