Reindeer migration across the arctic plateau, Kautokeino

An ancient sound echoes through the cold April night; hundreds of reindeer are moving across the snow. The spring migration has started. Reindeer herds have started their slow migration from the arctic plateau towards their summer pastures on the coast, where new calves will be born. Join the adventure!


We follow our herd by snowmobile – embracing new technology while following ancient traditions. But it is the seasons and the reindeer themselves that determine the pace of the migration. Together we embark on a journey along familiar routes.

Your adventure

We invite you to take part in this ancient annual event, which is at the heart of Sámi reindeer-herding culture. Your participation on this five–six day migration across the arctic plateau we call the “vidda” is by far the best way to gain cultural deep insights.

The first day we are focused on the thorough preparation required for the migration. The exact timing and pace, as well as when we can take breaks, is determined by the reindeer, and by the wind and weather. Sometimes, for instance, it is best to journey at night, when frost hardens the snow and earth, making it easier for the reindeer to walk. When the afternoon sun turns the snow into slush, it makes good sense for everyone – herders and reindeer – to take a rest.

There is so much to learn and even more for you to experience. This, of course, includes the many aspects of the Sámi heritage, as well as how we have adapted our lives and livelihood to modern times. Our adventure offers something for all your senses – for instance, the delightful meals of reindeer meat and freshly-caught char from the lakes we pass.

The sight of the reindeer herd moving like a slow tide across the snow-covered landscape is unforgettable.

Our cultural heritage and the wilderness are intertwined. Welcome to the most beautiful spring in the Arctic!


Hættas Opplevelser


Phone: +47 905 99 645


Facebook: @Hættasopplevelser

Where: Kautokeino (from Thon Hotel Kautokeino)

Duration: 6 days (5 days with our reindeer herd)

When: During the reindeer migration, 15–25 April.

Price: NOK 25,000 per person. Included: Travel by snowmobile, winter garments, food, five nights accommodation in a lavvo.Note: two persons per snowmobile.

Participants: Max 8 people

Clothing: Woollen or thermal underwear, multiple woollen layers, wool socks. Extra set of clothing. Snowmobile suit, boots, helmet, cap and mittens.

Level: Participants must have full mobility and be in good shape.

Suitable for: People who love outdoor adventures and are interested in Sámi culture.

Morten Broks
Scooters in snowy landscape.
Man holding trout.
Thomas Rasmus Skaug
Bonfire inside lavvo.