Chasing the Northern Lights on the arctic plateau

It’s exciting and magical to be chasing the Northern Lights! When you’re moving across the vast expanse of the arctic plateau during the polar night – those winter months when the sun never rises – it is as though you have entered a different world. You sense the true vastness of our surroundings, and you will feel intensely present in the moment. Your breath freezes and your heart pounds excitedly under layers of warm clothes, as you gaze up at the starry vault, searching for the Northern Lights.


Your experience

During our dark winter months, the clarity of night sky, with perhaps more stars than you have ever observed, the crisp moonlight and the Northern Lights, tinge the snow-covered landscape blue. The mood lends a unique character to our evening adventure. We’ll ride snowmobiles out onto the arctic plateau that we call the “vidda”.

Out here, away from distracting lights of the village, it is much easier to spot and appreciate the Northern Lights that we’re chasing. The mythical stories we’ll share with you also take on a more intense life. We have brought refreshments: hot coffee and cake. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the Northern Lights, and a tripod if you have one. 

When we meet up at Thon Hotel Kautokeino, we’ll lend you extra-warm winter clothes. With two people on each snowmobile we will ride out into the night. If the weather gods are kind, the skies will be clear – and we will be treated to a dance of the Northern Lights.

Hættas Opplevelser 


Phone: +47 905 99 645


Facebook: @Hættasopplevelser

Where:  Thon Hotel Kautokeino. We’ll agree on a time when you book.

Duration: 2–3 hours

When:  December/January – 1 May, subject to weather and snow conditions.

Price: NOK 1950 per person if you’re riding a snowmobile. NOK 1450 if you choose to ride in a comfortable sled.

Participants: 2–25 people

Clothing: The winter temperatures near Kautokeino, which average minus 20˚C but may drop as low as minus 45˚C, need to be taken very seriously! We strongly recommend woollen or thermal underwear, multiple woollen middle layers, winter outerwear, warm winter boots, thick woollen socks, thick mittens, and a warm scarf and cap. We’ll lend you extra-warm winter clothes (included in the price).

Guiding: English, Norwegian and Sámi

Level: You must be able to endure several hours of extreme cold.

Suitable for: Can be tailored to almost anybody.

Gaup, Thon Hotel
Silhouette of lavvo against sunset.
Hættas Opplevelser
Sami man in Sami costume in front of reindeer herd.