Reindeer Design Lodge, Nordkyn

Our Sámi design lodge offers accommodation in an elegant and comfortable cabin overlooking a scenic landscape. This is a place to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of your natural surroundings. We take great pride in inviting you here and in doing our utmost as your hosts.


European continent. The peninsula called Nordkinnhalvøya is the site of our summer camp, and a favourite summer pasture area for our reindeer due to the many nourishing plants to be found in this lush landscape. We and our reindeer enjoy the long summer nights; the midnight sun feels so close and vital this far north. We invite you to share this with us.

The seasons and our lives revolve around the needs of our reindeer. We take the time to tell each of our guests about this amazing animal, and about how our Sámi culture is intimately tied to the landscape in which we live. We often say that nature itself is our culture, and that we are passionate about sharing this culture with every person who comes to visit us. 

To get the most out of your experience, we recommend at least a two-night stay. The interior photo of your cabin shows its beautiful reindeer materials. When summer light streams in through the windows, you realize that you’re at the top of Europe – and you couldn’t possibly be anywhere else. Our lodge is the perfect base for visiting the North Cape and exploring these far-northern surroundings. 

We, the Utsi, are a family who are fond of duodji, the renowned Sámi handcrafts, duodji, and we produce a lot ourselves. Our matriarch Ellinor has designed much of the interior, and you may feel a deep sense of well-being when you rest under her thick woollen blankets.

If you wish, you can combine your stay with our “Traditional Sámi Meal”, or a “Guided Walk Through a Mythic Landscape” to Finnkirka, a spectacular rock formation that has been a Sámi sacred site and a landmark to sailors throughout the centuries.




Phone:  +47 947 99 864


Facebook: @davvisiida

Instagram: @davvi_siida

Open: May–October. Booking on request.

Cabins: Two beautiful cabins with fully-equipped kitchens and private toilets. Shared shower facility with a sauna. Barbecue hut idyllically situated on the lake. The cabin interiors are strikingly unique, with furnishings and décor inspired by Sámi culture.

Cabin No. 1: Two bedrooms, four beds total. Open living room with sofa corner, fully equipped kitchen.

Cabin No. 2: Two beds in sleeping nook, sofa corner, fully equipped kitchen.


Cabin No. 1: NOK 1950 for one night, NOK 3600 for 2 nights. (Prices are for up to two people, with NOK 500 per additional guest.)

Cabin No. 2: NOK 1,650 for one night, NOK 3000 for two nights (up to two persons)

Included: Breakfast, bed linen, shower, sauna and barbecue area. We have rowboats that you can borrow to fish on the lake, as well as bicycles to explore our beautiful surroundings. Right nearby, there is great hiking on well-marked trails.

Where:  8 km south of Kjøllefjord in Nordkyn. The nearest airport is Mehamn, where also the Hurtigruten coastal steamer calls daily. If you are travelling by car, you can look forward to a drive through the scenic landscape of Nordkyn, right to our Reindeer Design Lodge.

Suitable for:    A stay at our Reindeer Design Lodge is ideal for travellers who wish to explore the far north, learn about our Sámi heritage and reindeer herding culture, enjoy healthy food, and learn how to let the wilderness nurture us and improve our quality of life. It is also an opportunity for a shared experience with your fellow travellers. Westerners say that “time passes”. A stay at the Reindeer Design Lodge is a great way to experience what the Sámi mean when they say: “Time comes to meet us.”

Hosts and dog sitting in nature.
Living room in the lodge.
Hook made of reindeer horn with towel.