A day with my reindeer herd, Karasjok

My name is Jon Mikkel. For many generations my family have been reindeer herders. This is my heritage and livelihood. I invite you to spend a day with my reindeer herd. Together we’ll venture out into the open landscape, where the reindeer range freely and the horizon is vast.


You will be amazed at the silence, the only sound being the wind, the hoofs of the reindeer, and the joik – the traditional song that has been passed down since time immemorial. This, however, is a day for all your senses! Soon, the delicious smell of reindeer meat simmering in the pot will add to the windborne scents of the wilderness. This is the life I treasure, and I invite you to have a taste of it!

Your experience

This day will give you many insights into the cultural heritage of Sámi reindeer herders. You will have the opportunity to feed the reindeer and be in close contact with them. An integral part of the experience is the traditional Sámi food and hot beverage that I’ll serve you in my lavvo. Here, by the fire, you will hear more about the life in the wilderness of the inland plateau, and about our Sámi culture. The stories of the reindeer herders are fascinating.

You will also have a chance to hear the joik, the traditional Sámi songs that have been passed down through generations. I will sing joiks to animals and to people, and tell you the stories behind our song. You are welcome to ask questions, and I will answer each of them as best I can.

Our way of life is a continuous outdoor adventure, but the lavvo is our wonderful gathering place. Here, by the fire, we share warmth and shelter, food and stories. Now I look forward to sharing this with you. Welcome to my world!


Ravdol Reindeer Herding

Email: mail@ravdolreindeerherding.com

Phone: +47 995 48 376

Web: www.ravdolreindeerherding.com

Facebook:  @Ravdolreindeerherding

Where: We meet at Nattvann near Karasjok. From the roundabout (rotary) in Karasjok, drive 22 km towards Lakselv.

Duration: Day excursion, 4 hours

When: Available February–March, 11am–3pm, or by agreement with your group.

Price: NOK 1800 per person. Included: visit the reindeer herd, learn about Sámi culture and reindeer herding, sample traditional Sámi food.

Participants:  4–20 people. (Increased capacity in 2020.)

Clothing: Warm winter clothing and warm boots. Clothes for snowmobiling may be rented, if booked in advance.

Level: Moderate. You will be comfortably seated on a snowmobile.

Suitable for:  This is suitable for almost everybody! We can help find good solutions for visitors with disabilities.

Ørjan Bertelsen
Man dressed in Sami costume serves food in lavvo
Alessandro Belloli
Sami with scooter
Man and happy dog ​​at sunset