Várdobáiki – a guided tour of Sámi art, Evenskjær

Art offers snapshots of our culture – and often, in unexpected ways, provides a reflection of who we are.


Várdobáiki’s varied collection of Sámi art offers the visitor many insights into Sámi heritage and history. If you are looking at the artworks with an open mind, you may even see yourself and your own life in a new light. 

The exhibition

On this tour of Várdobáiki’s collection, your guide and the artworks themselves will reveal many stories from Sámi culture. Our gallery is a venue for Sámi artists to showcase their art – and we are passionate about sharing their works with visitors from around the world.

The exhibitions include amateur as well as professional artists. Some shows highlight the works of local artists, while at other times we show artists from throughout the Sápmi, which is our name for the Sámi realm.

One of our best-known works is “The Sun”, a calm and yet potent stone and metal sculpture by Elli Mathilde Novvale. She was born at Grovfjord, a village not far from Várdobáiki. In the 1950s, Novvale studied at Norwegian National Academy of Crafts and Industrial Art Industry, and then the National Academy of Fine Arts, with a focus on glass mosaic and welded metal sculpture. She was the first female sculptor to be awarded Norway’s annual stipend for artists. Naturally, that is a source of pride.

When you visit, you will get to know many artworks and the stories of other Sámi artists. At the conclusion of our guided tour, there will be refreshments. 

Welcome to be excited and touched by the Sami art!


Várdobáiki as

Email: post@vardobaiki.no

Phone: +47 76 98 50 20 or 905 31 195

Web: www.vardobaiki.no

Facebook: Várdobáiki samisk senter

Where: Várdobáiki Art Centre at  Skånlandsveien 78 in Evenskjær

Duration: 1 hour

When: Mon–Fri, 9am–2pm. Please contact us if you wish to book an evening or weekend visit.

Price: Adults NOK 150, seniors and children NOK 75

Included: Guided tour of the art exhibition, coffee and the Sámi speciality klappakake.

Participants: Max. 12 people. For larger groups, please contact us for a tailored visit.

Level: Medium

Suitable for: People who are interested in art and culture. The centre has an elevator, but visitors should be able to stand for approx. 45 minutes. 

Woman in yellow sweater frying "Klappakaker" on fire.
Foto: Arild Heitmann. Kunst: Ingunn Moen Reinsnes.
Black and white photo of snow landscape
Foto: Tone Elvebakk. Kunst: Ingunn Moen Reinsnes.
Red Sami art print.

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