Across the arctic plateau on skis and reindeer sleighs, from Mollisjok to Snefjord

Every year, huge reindeer flocks move like a great tide across the inland plateau, migrating towards their summer pastures by the fjords. The seasonal reindeer herding has ancient traditions – and we invite you to be in the midst of this great adventure.


We’ll ski along the old migration route, with everything we need in the reindeer sleigh. This is the traditional way the Sámi have trekked to the coast for countless generations.

The adventure

Our journey connects us intimately with the surrounding wilderness and also brings us closer together. Along the way, we’ll fish char in ice-covered lakes, and enjoy good meals and great stories around the fire in the lavvo. We will experience the magnificent spring nights in good company, seeing the open lake-dotted plateau gradually give way to steep mountains and sheltered fjords. During this time the weather can be changeable – cold and mild, dry and wet. The spring melt is an annual miracle that dramatically transforms the landscape and particularly the vast inland arctic plateau. Its beauty becomes striking.

Our closeness to the wilderness and the profound seasonal changes are integral to this adventure. You will have many cultural insights as you follow your Sámi guide. And for all of us it is a privilege to make this trek to the coast together.

You decide whether you wish to join us for two, three or five days of the journey. All in all, the trek from the arctic plateau to the coast takes ten days. Depending on snow conditions and weather, we expect to ski 10–30 kilometres per day.

While the wind and melting snow will soon erase our ski tracks, this memorable journey is likely to leave a lasting impression in its participants. 

An excellent introduction to this adventure is for you to watch the film about this migration trek and read what past participants have to say. You will find it on our Facebook page.


Northern Light Reindeer Siida


Phone: +47 911 77 975


Facebook: Nedre Mollisjok Fjellstue

Where: We meet at our mountain lodge, Nedre Mollisjon Fjellstue

Duration: The tour is divided into stages of 2, 3 or 5 days respectively. Connections provided by appointment, transport to and from the access point as needed. The tour ends at Snefjord.

When: 3–15 May. (The exact dates are subject to variation.)

Price: NOK 2500 per person per day. You may join us for two to five days.

Included: Transportation in Finnmark to/from the start and end points of your journey. All food and non-alcoholic beverages. Accommodation in lavvo, tent and cabin. Cross-country skis with multi-bindings, ski poles, sleeping mats, reindeer pelt, and ice fishing equipment. Experienced Sámi guide.

Participants: Max. 10 people for each stage of the trek.

Clothing: Warm winter clothing suitable for skiing. Extra clothing and extra footwear.

Level: Demanding.

Suitable for: Eager cross-country skiers who are in good shape. Please note that we will be skiing many hours each day.

Per Edvard Johnsen.
Per Edvard Johnsen with sled and reindeer
Per Edvard Johnsen.
4 trout lying on the snow
Per Edvard Johnsen.
Per Edvard Johnsen with sled and reindeer