A snowmobile trip through the winter landscape, Karasjok

A journey out onto the mighty snow-covered arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda requires a bit of horsepower. Distances are vast, and in the deep snow you won’t get very far on foot. Fortunately our snowmobiles are ready to go and we’ll ride them on an adventure into the winter wilderness. Be prepared for some fun!


In our Sámi language, we call the beauty of the wilderness luonddu čabbodat. We are proud of the land that surrounds us, and year round we who live here are enjoying outdoor adventures. Especially satisfying is exploring the frozen winter magic, lying perfectly still at our ice-fishing hole, photographing the beautiful winter light, and at day’s end listening to the silence of the night and the crackling fire, enjoying its warmth and sharing good stories. This and more is what you will experience on this trip.

Your experience

Our five-hour excursion is perfect for healthy lovers of the great outdoors. At Karasjok Camping we’ll start by checking your winter clothing and your driver’s license, which qualifies you to drive a snowmobile, and give you give you a good orientation before we head out. If you wish, we can arrange to pick you up at your hotel.

When everyone is ready and wrapped in many layers of warm clothing, our experienced guides will instruct you on how to operate the snowmobile. You decide whether you wish to start out as a driver or as a passenger sitting behind one of your friends. Soon we’ll be speeding away from the village and out into the vast winter wilderness!

Today’s adventure really isn’t about snowmobiling per se – it’s about enjoying the beauty that is all around us. We will, of course, stop to light a campfire, just as the locals do. And if conditions are right, we may try our hand at ice fishing. The Sámi method is to lie very still on your stomach so you can peer down into your fishing hole; but if you prefer, you can sit comfortably on a stool. A fisherman’s excitement is always the same: will the fish bite? If we’re in luck, we’ll soon be cleaning our catch and grilling it over the fire – right then and there. Nothing beats the taste of trout and char fresh from an arctic lake!

Should conditions be unfavourable for fishing, we’ll immerse you in traditional Sámi know-how, for instance the various types of campfires that we build. We will show you how to build some of them, and explain for which situation each is best suited. Perhaps you would like a private lesson in advanced snowmobiling, or would prefer simply to lie back on your reindeer skin and relax as you watch the clouds drift by. We’ll adapt our adventure to the weather and snow conditions, as well as to the wishes of the participants. Also the length of our journey is tailored to the group – we’ll snowmobile far enough to satisfy everybody, without exhausting anyone.


Karasjok Camping AS

Email: post@karacamp.no

Phone:  +47 970 72 225

Web:  www.karacamp.no

Facebook: @karasjokcamping

Where & when:  We meet at the reception of Karasjok Camping at 10 am, or we can arrange to pick you up at 9:30 am. We’ll return by 3 pm.

Duration: 5 hours

Bring:  Bring your driver’s license. It’s also a good idea to bring some energising snacks such as chocolate or nuts.

Clothing:  We recommend woollen or thermal underwear, a layer of fleece or similar, woollen socks, warm scarf and cap, thick mittens, suitable winter outerwear and warm boots. Bring an extra sweater and socks, and a small pack for your belongings.

Included: An experienced guide. Your fishing card is included if we go ice fishing. In case of poor weather, we may visit a mountain lodge and relax there instead of around the campfire.

Price: NOK 2100 per adult, NOK 1100 for children age 10–16. (Discount for children who ride in a sled.)        

Transport: Transport to and from Karasjok Camping can be provided on request.

Coffee pot on bonfire in the foreground, woman lying on the snow behind.
Trout with knife lying on the snow.
The trout on a stick is roasted over an open fire.