Sámi culture and spirituality in Tysfjord

According to the Sámi world view, our lives – and all life – revolve around the forces of nature. And it is nature itself that lends power to our spiritual traditions. We hereby invite you to join us and explore our Sámi heritage and our understanding of the sacred “circle of life”.

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At our comfortable and well-equipped lavvo camp, you are embraced by a natural silence. Here you can savour the warmth of the campfire and the scents and sounds of the wilderness. We will use Sámi knowledge and wisdom that have been passed down through the ages, including rituals and storytelling, to help restore your relationship with the natural world around us. That is how we become more whole as a person. 

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The spiritual traditions of indigenous people are eco-centric, and at the core is our relationship to the natural world. We believe that people are an integral part of creation, and that each of us has a personal relationship with our Creator, as well as with all life and everything else in nature. Our relationships must be based on mutual respect, reciprocal benefit and balance.

We speak of lellema gærdda – “the circle of life”. All of us must act in harmony with nature. This is the essence of the ethics that the Sámi have been passing down through countless generations.

At our Sámi Safari Camp, you will soon experience how the Sámi language and spiritual techniques help us maintain balance in our relationship to ourselves, with other people, and to the natural world around us. 

Around the fire of the lavvo, we’ll enjoy good food and drink, coffee prepared over the campfire, and traditional Sámi storytelling. And when evening approaches, we’ll take you on a quiet walk to visit some of the places mentioned in the stories told by the fire. During the summer, the midnight sun will still be glowing low in the sky, and on a winter night perhaps we will see the dance of the Northern Lights!

Back at camp, we retire to the soft bedding of our two-person lavvos. Each has a wooden floor and is equipped with a woodstove to keep us warm throughout the night.

Welcome to our Sámi wilderness retreat. Get in touch with yourself, the forces of nature, and Sámi culture!


Sámi Safari Camp

Email: post@samisafaricamp.no

Phone: +47 414 77 822

Web: www.samisafaricamp.no

Facebook: @samisafaricamp

Where: We meet on the quay at Drag/Kjøpsvik at 3 pm.

Duration: Two days

When: Friday–Sunday, year round

Price: NOK 8000 per person for two days. Included: transportation by boat to and from Drag/Kjøpsvik, accommodation, food and adventures.

Participants: 1–6 people

Clothing: Woollen underwear, hiking boots, wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers, cap and mittens.

Level: Moderate. Participants must be able to take short walks in the uneven terrain around the camp

Suitable for: Adults who wish to gain insight into the Sámi spiritual tradition, and our deep relationship to the natural world that surrounds us all.

Man and dog walk on path of wood planks forest.
Linen reindeer in lavvo.
Lavvo in forest with flowers with yellow flowers in front.

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