A taste of nature’s tranquillity, Karasjok

Do you long for peace and tranquillity on your holiday? During the dance of the Northern Lights, feel tiny under the immensity of the sky. That’s exactly the feeling this adventure aims to instil.

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We journey out onto the arctic plateau of Finnmarksvidda with our draft reindeer. Starting in the pine woods of Ravdujohka, we head northwest towards Nagircohkka (the sleepy mountain). Our journey begins during the twilight, and as the evening darkens the mood becomes tranquil – this is the best time to see the Northern Lights. We proceed at a slow pace: the only sound is reindeer hooves trudging across the snow.

If the weather gods are kind, we may witness the magical guovsahas, the Northern Lights. Suddenly in the darkness, you may see vast ribbons of light moving, tinged with beautiful colours – it’s almost as though you can hear their song against the starry vault!

Sitting in awed silence under the night sky on Finnmarksvidda, where the myriad of celestial bodies appears so much more clearly, is an unforgettable experience.


Email: Anna Ravna Gaup: anna.ravna.gaup@gmail.com or Anne Louise Næss Gaup:kbsiida@gmail.com

Phone: Anna Ravna Gaup: +47 41 85 50 18 or Anne Louise Næss Gaup: +47 93 29 90 83 

Facebook: @KbSiida

Where: Ravdujohka, 3 km from the Karasjok village centre.

Duration: 1–3 hours. 

When: 20. November til 1.April.

Price: NOK 1 500 per person.

Clothing: Wear multiple layers of warm winter clothing. We recommend woollen or thermal underwear, a warm middle layer, and over that a warm down jacket and snowmobile trousers or similar. Also important are woollen socks and warm winter boots, thick mittens, and a warm scarf and cap. 

Liv Engholm
Reindeer flock in pink sunset.