A winter adventure by reindeer sleigh, Karasjok

During the winter, the arctic plateau called Finnmarksvidda is snow-covered and the cold air is usually clear and dry. Reindeer fur and your own hair quickly become decorated with frost, while a heavy burden of snow bends the short birch trees, and on the ground stripes of frozen snow-crust catch the spring sun. On such a day, the perfect winter adventure is to speed along in a reindeer sleigh!


Just lean back under your reindeer pelt and let the magic winter landscape zoom by! Afterwards, we’ll sit by the fire, savouring the warmth and silence, letting the day’s impressions sink in. These memories are forever.

Your adventure

We, Heidi Kamilla and Nils Eira, will meet you at the parking lot by Niitosjohka in Karasjok. From here it’s just a few minutes’ walk to our Sámi reindeer camp, which in our language is called a siida. Here, in our cosy lavvo, a pot of reindeer meat is cooking on the fire, and later we’ll hang the coffee kettle above the embers. 

During our meal, we’ll share the story of our family, how our ancestors have been herding reindeer and using reindeer sleighs since ancient times, and how we do things today. We will also give you tips on how to behave amongst our reindeer. Outside you can get acquainted with the reindeer that we use to pull our sleighs. Then we’ll harness the reindeer to the sleigh, and ride though our snow-covered woodlands! At the outset, the ride lasts about fifteen minutes, but if you wish we can make it longer.

The Eira family welcomes you to their siida!


Midt Finnmark Siida

Email: midtfinnmarksiida@gmail.com

Phone: +47 917 68 070

Web: www.midtfinnmarksiida.com

Facebook: @midtfinnmarksiida

Where: Niitosjohka in Karasjok, by the woodlands at Niitosjogas 49

Duration: 3 hours

When: By agreement, from 15 May to 20 April.

Price: NOK 2500 per person. Included: a reindeer sleigh-ride, a traditional meal of hot reindeer meat in our cosy lavvo. (Alternatively, the reindeer sleigh-ride is available for NOK 1700 per person, or you can book the sleigh-ride with coffee in our lavvo for NOK 2000 per person.)

Participants: 2–12 people

Clothing: Warm winter clothing: winter boots, winter trousers, warm winter jacket, scarf, cap and mittens.

Level: Easy, not strenuous at all.

Suitable for: Everyone!

Mariell S Pedersen
Mariell S Pedersen
Two Sami people in Sami costume with reindeer
Mariell S Pedersen
Coffee pot and kettle on fire